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How It Works

Leader in improving employee efficiency

2 500 000

analyzed dialogues per month between staff and customers


monitoring stores

50 000+

connected employees

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revenue growth in furniture stores


conversion to offer in car dealership


revenue growth in mattress sales chain


dynamics of average bill increasing in street food


increase of topping sales in pizzerias

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About company

SteadyControl is a personnel control and management system created by Russian IT-company. It combines progressive management practices, artificial intelligence and the latest audio and video analytics technologies. The system is recognized as a leader in improving staff efficiency in retail, HoReCa, gas stations, car dealerships and other industries. SteadyControl methodology and expert maintenance ensure revenue growth and a quick return on investment with minimal involvement of top management.

AI-technologies: over 40 own algorithms in neural network
Special devices: audiobadges, media-hubs, chargers
Innovate traffic-count method by video analytics
microlearning module

How it works

Staff wears a special device – audiobadge, which records all the communication between employee and customer. Also we connect to CCTV. All data from audiobadges and cameras is synchronized and analyzed by AI daily and generates statistics on each worker and business-process. Also we provide our clients with constant maintenance of sales expert group.

SteadyControl shows all that happens in your store